Oregon Myrtlewood Microwave Cabinet


Here is another Myrtlewood cabinet I just finished building. This one is for holding our microwave and will set around the corner from the two drawer Myrtlewood cabinet I built earlier but will have a set of casters on it. I wanted to keep the same design so they would both blend with the Myrtlewood dining room table. This one is the same length but I made it two inches narrower. I’m running low on Myrtlewood but was lucky enough to be able to mirror match a lot of the wood I used in this cabinet. Even the front and back legs have a mirror match.
The entire cabinet is made of solid Myrtlewood except for the ¾” plywood bottom and top that the tile and cement board is mounted on. The drawer is box is plywood with dovetail joints. I was really happy to be able to use my…

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Domestic + Exotic = One of a kind tabletop.

This Tigerwood tabletop, encased in figured Hard Maple, is the only one of it’s kind I’ve ever seen. The two inch thick Maple (Acer saccharum of the Aceraceae family) border insinuates that the entire piece is of similar depth even though the exotic majority of the piece measures only one inch in thickness.

Tigerwood is the common name for exotic lumber produced from several species of tropical trees:

IMG_20150127_091440~2 IMG_20150127_094200~2

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The Woodworker’s Christmas Present: Red Alder Dresser

The owner of Woodworker Network made this dresser for his son as a Christmas present last year. It’s made exclusively from Red Alder (alnus rubra of the Betulaceae family, also known as Western alder & Oregon alder) with precisely cut dovetails and a smooth natural finish.

IMG_20150128_131810~2 IMG_20150128_131818~2 IMG_20150128_131801 IMG_20150128_131736 IMG_20150128_131729~2

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Alaskan Woodworker Makes Beautiful Cabinet Art

Resembling a mutant Scrabble game board, the layout for Lael Gordon’s latest creation takes form on a bench in his small garage-based workshop. Cutting the small pieces and fitting them together to make a pattern is painstaking work requiring dozens of hours for each panel. Read more here.

  GK3-thumb-2 EG-Thumb BC-Thumb PW-GalleryGK1-thumb

For the best prices on high quality router bits, dust collection systems, abrasives, safety equipment, blades of all sorts etc. Visit WoodworkerNetwork.com

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Amazing Woodwork From South Africa

“My experience @ Timber Village:

Today I popped in at the ‪#‎workingwithwood‬ festival in ‪#‎knysna‬ South Africa, and I was BLOWN away!! There is a bit of everything, from exceptional craftsmanship to some of the most handy tools and little DIY gadgets I have ever come across – furniture from basic to uber modern and even a stand with jewelry that absolutely blew my mind! There r kids activities, there r workshops on machinery and so much more. Woodworking was my trade in school and something that struck home was seeing all the old school tools that we used to use back in the day…”

Read the rest of the story: click here.

woodworking woodworkingstoryMWI1ZTkx

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Slab of the Week: Spalted Maple

Buy it now! (or at least check the price;)

IMG_20150122_085845~2IMG_20150122_085830~2 IMG_20150122_085838~2IMG_20150122_085857~2

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Japanese carpenters demonstrate traditional wooden joints and it’s oddly satisfying 【Video】

An excellent and strangely satisfying use of your time, watching this video.

SoraNews24 -Japan News-

2015.01.18 carpentry FB 1

Despite Japan’s modern image as a country obsessed with the latest technologic advances and all thingsrobotic, age-old Japanese methods and traditions are still highly valued, such as carpenters who use traditional joint-making techniques tofasten together pieces of wood without nails or screws. A video demonstrating this unique part of traditional Japanese carpentry has been making the rounds on the Internet lately with netizens amazed, and oddly mesmerized, by the almost hypnotic way these carpenters perfectly connect enormous pieces of wood.

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So much raw potential captured in one still frame.

10897826_10205602144513361_2689801494269956943_nOne 69 inch wide long Walnut slab.
One Pine slab 46 inches wide.

16 Pine slabs 24″-30″ wide. Continue reading

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Butcher block counter top.

“If you remain insensitive to the individual characteristics of the material you are working with and cut regardless to a predetermined, exact measurement, then the finished piece will lack a certain wholeness and be little better than something you could have bought from a factory.” – Graham Blackburn


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Eyecatching & Indestructible End Grain Cutting Boards

1978626_10204977988629854_5962155231912451578_nBeautiful, end grain cutting boards, roughly 15″ x 15″ by 3″ thick with 250+ individual pieces of Douglas Fir fitted together with waterproof glue and sanded to perfection. This hefty and unique piece will stand out in your kitchen or wherever you decide to place it. Finished with mineral oil and a food grade finish. Click here to order now or call Woodworker Network at 509-684-1008 for a different size or custom woodworking order. Whether you’re in the market for this unique and useful conversation piece or not, please feel free to leave a comment or like and tell us what you think of them!

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